That Game Needed More Bradley

You can’t ask much more from your goalie than to give you a chance to win.  When the goalie allows just two goals on 36 shots, he’s done his job. Unfortunately, the Washington Capitals gave him nothing to work with as they were shut out once again, this time by the San Jose Sharks. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before this year.

Overall, it was bit of a lackluster game, which was sad, because the second half of the game was one of my rare opportunities to see how the other half lives by sitting downstairs.  There wasn’t much hitting, or really any intensity at all from either team.   If there was one thing that I walked out of Verizon Center with, it was a once popular Twitter hostage: #NeedsMoreBradley. If you want to read more about it, visit Japer’s Rink or Ed Frankovic. I don’t think anyone else had it in them to write anything tonight.

On a programming note, my next Capitals game will be in Phoenix next week, followed by Anaheim two days later.  Hopefully I’ll get photos and be able to post in a timely manner. We’ll see. For now, look at some of my photos from this game below or on flickr.

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