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We Love The Playoff

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Jay Beagle scored and Ian Oland from Russian Machine Never Breaks tweeted this last night. Somehow, that led to me finding this and if you don’t watch it, I don’t think we can be friends.

The Washington Capitals clinched a playoff berth with their 4-2 victory over the Florida Panthers last night (and a loss by the Buffalo Sabres to the Philadelphia Flyers). That was good. Really, really good.

The Washington Capitals lost goalie Michal Neuvirth after former Capital Marco Sturm fell on his leg. That was bad. Really, really bad.

The Washington Capitals got goals from both Alexes for the first time since, uh, the last time they played Florida (and Jay Beagle and Brooks Laich knocked in goals of their own, too). That was good.

The Washington Capitals let a 3-0 lead slip to a 3-2 lead in an all too familiar manner. That was bad.

The Washington Capitals scored a fourth goal before the Panthers managed to score a third goal. That was good.

The Washington Capitals power play was not very powerful. Again. That was bad.

The Washington Capitals penalty kill was very successful. That was good.

The Washington Capitals had lots of trouble removing the puck from their zone. Again. That was bad.

The second season begins sometime next week. I wonder if this team has found their identity.

Read more insightful thoughts at the regular places like On Frozen Blog, Japer’s Rink, Ed Frankovic, District Sports Page, and Russian Machine.

Oh, and what’s this? After missing 80 games with concussion like symptoms, the Capitals Outsider Box Score has returned!

My photos are below and on flickr.

Vokoun and Caps Shut Door on Pens

Image for Vokoun and Caps Shut Door on Pens

In the history of Pittsburgh Penguins – Washington Capitals rivalries, there have been many memorable games that have been and will be discussed and remembered for years. Last night’s game probably was not one of them. That’s kind of strange considering it had more than a couple memorable moments and was a shutout. Alexander Semin missed some that he really should have had. Alex Ovechkin forgot he’s supposed to shoot more intend of looking to pass to his partners, Tomas Vokoun forgot where his crease was, Matt Hendricks had a great fight early and a great shift late…The list doesn’t seem to end, yet the game will be largely forgotten pretty quickly as just another game in the middle of the season.

You know this isn’t the place to read about the game. Those places are Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, District Sports Page (they have photos, too), Ed Frankovic and the rest. You come here to look at pictures, or sometimes go look at them on flickr.

Flames Can’t Cool Caps

Image for Flames Can’t Cool Caps

In another solid and tight game, the Washington Capitals extended their win streak to four games and are now 9-0 with Mike Green in the lineup this season after beating the Calgary Flames by a score of 3-1. Alex Ovechkin is scoring like “Is party now.” Everything is groovy.

Except that Nick Backstrom left the game early shortly after taking an elbow to the head. And Alexander Semin may or may not have suffered a deep cut to his right arm on Saturday in Columbus. And the Capitals are heading West to play in San Jose and Los Angeles. At least they win every time they visit those cities. Oh, wait.

Well, let’s see…

Read more about the game with ideas and observations that probably make sense at Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, Ed Frankovic, District Sports Page, and Kings of Leonsis.

See my photos below or on flickr.

Speaking of my photos… I know some of you check out my photos pretty often, or at least I hope at least a few of you do. For those that do, you may have noticed the look of my photos changing a bit over the past few games. I’ve been making some tweaks to my processing routine. While they still aren’t quite turning out quite like I’d like them to, they’re getting closer.

I was wondering, though, what do you think? Have you noticed? If you have, do you like the changes? Dislike them? Or generally, what do you like about my photos? Or not like? Let me know. I would really like to hear from you.  Thanks!

When The Mascot Falls, You Know You’re In For A Long Night

Image for When The Mascot Falls, You Know You’re In For A Long Night

The earliest sign of trouble was when Slapshot fell before making it halfway across the ice in his flag carrying pre game routine. It never really got any better after that for the Washington Capitals last night against the Philadelphia Flyers. There was some neat stuff to see like Alexander Semin hitting everything in sight and, um, ah, well…I think I got some decent photos. As usual, I don’t have much to say, but the headlines of some of the regular places you ought to be reading tell you pretty much all you need to know:

On Frozen Blog: A Night to Forget
Russian Machine: Lessons in Humility
Ed Frankovic: Goaltending Still a Major Problem For Caps
District Sports Page: Flyers Dominated Caps 5-1

DSP almost takes the prize for best headline, but I think they used a few too many words. Even though it’s what they always do, this time, they said it better than anyone else.
Japer’s Rink: Flyers 5, Caps 1

Like I said, I think I got some decent photos this time. On one of these rare occasions when I’m sitting downstairs somewhere near a net, the Capitals are going to score a bunch and I’ll be able to get the photos I really want to get. Really. Sometime. Until then…my photos are below and on flickr. I hope you enjoy them more than you enjoyed the game.

Danger Danger Ranger Danger

Image for Danger Danger Ranger Danger

The Washington Capitals played the New York Rangers yesterday. Or, at least, they were scheduled to play them. Instead the Capitals got played. Maybe it was a Thanksgiving turkey hangover. Maybe it was replacing the morning skate with shopping for doorbusters at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Maybe it was that I forgot to wear my lucky shoes. Maybe it was that my mother was in the building for the first time since…it was built? I don’t know. I don’t really need to know. But someone needs to know.

What I do know is that Alex Ovechkin was doing some cool things, like laying down to block shots, bouncing pucks on his stick as he started a rush from center ice. It made me think of when Sidney Crosby did it in Buffalo in the first Winter Classic. Except Ovechkin ended with a roughing penalty. Remember when Ovechkin used to do stuff like this and score. Like, every night? At least we got to see another marginal Alexander Semin stick penalty. I don’t know.

I was part of a combination family reunion and merging of the tribes kind of thing in a suite and a few of cycled through some front row seats. The family thing was fun. The watching the game things was not so fun. Bizarre connection time. Someone in my family that was not at the game (because he’s not in town) was in a television ad on Thursday that aired during the football games. He didn’t have any lines in the English language version (he just sat there), but had an English line in the Spanish version: “Did that just happen?” How many of you found yourself saying that multiple times on Friday afternoon?

If you want to read more not-so-fun-stuff about Friday’s game, check out On Frozen Blog, Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, Ed Frankovic, and the others. I think I got some cool photos this time. See them below or on flickr. Of course, when I was able to sit on the glass, the Caps could barely get the puck into the zone…and then couldn’t keep it there. Sigh. At least we get to see the throwback Winter Classic-like jerseys tonight. On TV. Not in person. Sigh. I’m not helping myself. See you on Wednesday after the game against the Blues.

Hendy’s Happy For Vokoun’s Victory

Image for Hendy’s Happy For Vokoun’s Victory

I would be lying if I tried to say that I wasn’t holding out a little bit of hope that someone on the Washington Capitals would make former Capitals Matt Bradley bleed, preferably by Alexander Semin going all bongos on him. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  Instead Semin scored like he just didn’t care in the Capitals 3-0 victory and Panthers fans everywhere were left thinking #NeedsMoreBradley. You know what? It’s probably better that it worked out that way.  But, you know what? I still want to see Bradley bleed a little bit at Verizon Center. And so do you.

It was also the return of former Capital Tomas Fleischmann who was traded to the Colorado Avalanche last season and signed with the Panthers an unrestricted free agent over the summer. We were treated to vintage Flash, complete without the closing sizzle. I have personally always wanted to see him do well and hope he does so…against other teams, not the Capitals.

And Jose Theodore returned as well, but he sat on the bench. :yawn:

Of course, it was the first time goalie Tomas Vokoun faced the Panthers since leaving them for the Capitals in the off season. Shutting them out must have felt nice.

It was probably the most complete game the Capitals have played this season. But you don’t come here to read my thoughts about things like that. You go to places like District Sports Page (and their photos), The Peerless, Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, and Ed Frankovic.

You come here to see photos from the games and that’s what I’ve got below and on flickr. Hope you enjoy!

One Down, Fifteen To Go

Image for One Down, Fifteen To Go

It’s games like last night’s that almost make you wish the Stanley Cup Playoffs were a single game elimination format. Almost. And perhaps only if you’re a Washington Capitals fan. Lots went on in the game. The fans were loud engaged and showing their spirit in ponchos, red body suits and more.  The Capitals and New York Rangers players were fully engaged all game. It didn’t look like any players for either team took off a single shift throughout the game…although some looked tentative in the first period. It was amazing watching the Capitals fail to take advantage of opportunity after opportunity, but not have it come back to bite them. The goals they finally scored were good ones. Alex Ovechkin went ugly in the third to tie the game at one and Alexander Semin scored a beauty from the top of the slot on a pass from Jason Arnott.

Read more better stuff from the regulars like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, and On Frozen Blog and be sure to check out the Capitals Outsider box score. Good, good stuff, indeed.  Look at my photos here or on flickr.

Another Fight Strap Incident for Alexander Semin?

Image for Another Fight Strap Incident for Alexander Semin?

Yesterday was Fan Appreciation Day at Verizon Center for the Washington Captials. The highlight each year is the “Jersey Off Our Backs” ceremony where each player gives their jersey to selected fans. While the ceremony was taking place last night, it looked like Alex Ovechkin and Alexander Semin (with or without help from Eric Fehr, Semyon Varlamov, and Nicklas Backstrom) hatched a plan to prank rookie Marcus Johansson. Ovechkin and Backstrom were to distract while Semin attached Johansson’s fight strap to his pants. Just before Semin could finish, Johansson caught him.

A thirty second video of photos from the incident below:

Ducks! Semin Takes Aim on Anaheim

Image for Ducks! Semin Takes Aim on Anaheim

Better late than never, right? I’m not sure if that applies to the vintage 2009-10 performance the Washington Capitals turned in against the Anaheim Ducks last week or to this blog post with my photos from that game last Wednesday.  Could be both.  If any of you on the east coast were still awake for it, it must have been nice for you too see them score seven, but you know what was better? Being there.  As we’ve all endured the vanishing offense and started becoming used to a return of Y2K-era-like trap-based hockey, the game against the Ducks was the most exciting game I can remember attending in a long time (Winter Classic not withstanding considering its special circumstances, although the hockey itself was kinda boring).

A few notes from Anaheim… I’ve never been approached by as many people in or around an arena with as many comments, questions, chirps, cheers as at the Pond (it was Arrowhead Pond when I lived there and Honda Center just doesn’t ring true). One of the Redskins Hogettes sat behind us. It felt like a third of the people in the Pond were wearing red or Winter Classic gear. The in house announcer was no better than the guy in Phoenix a couple days before. If these are the types that @WesJohnsonVoice has to compete with, he should have lifetime job security at Verizon Center. Drives “home” are better after a win.

The game was so long ago now that the Capitals have played two and a half games since then (I write this as the second period of Capitals-Penguins in Pittsburgh comes to an end), I’ve flown across the country, retuned to work, and spent a great weekend with my family. If you want to read about it, try Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks, The Peerless or any of the others out there. Read the box score from Capitals Outsider. @ikeastan was there, too, and she posted some great photos on flickr.  You can see my photos here or on flickr.  There’s a lot more than usual, I hope you enjoy them!

Varlamov Was Perfect. Almost.

Image for Varlamov Was Perfect. Almost.

The last two times the Tampa Bay Lightning visited the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, the Washington Capitals scored 12 total goals, half of them coming from Alexander Semin.  Last night, the 18 skaters for the Capitals combined for…none. Fortunately, goaltender Semyon Varlamov was perfect for 60 minutes in regulation and 2:54 into overtime before the first big mistake of the night was made and then a small St. Louis sized bolt of Lightning struck leaving the Capitals with just one point on the night.  It was a tough loss coming on the heels of the Capitals’ Winter Classic win in Pittsburgh a few days ago.

To read more about it, visit places like Japer’s Rink, Ed Frankovic’s WSNT blog, On Frozen Blog, or Russian Machine Never Breaks.  Look at some photos here or on flickr…your choice.

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