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How Fast Does a Red Rally Balloon Deflate?

Image for How Fast Does a Red Rally Balloon Deflate?

That fast.

The Washington Capitals went up 2-0 against the Carolina Hurricanes, gave up 2, then another in the third. They kept fighting hard and Brooks Laich got that third goal back. A few minutes later it was overtime. Just over three and a half minutes in, after a couple quality chances for the Capitals, after 49 total shots for the Capitals…the Hurricanes scored. And just like that, the air went out of the Red Rally Balloon. Remember that thing? Yeah, no one else does, either.

When Justin Faulk score that goal in overtime, Verizon Center just went just dead quiet. Not a stunned silence, just dead. Gone.

There’s not much else to say. It all speaks for itself. Still, there’s some good commentary at Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, Ed Frankovic and District Sports Page. Sick Unbelievable has a little bit about the future not looking all that bad if you need some cheering up. Once again, I think I got a few decent photos that you can see below or on flickr. I’d trade them for a win. Bah.

Because Colors and Lights Are Fun

Image for Because Colors and Lights Are Fun

Lucky for me, the Washington Capitals Game Entertainment crew does more than minor good deeds for broken hearted little kids, like putting holiday light shows together for fans that enjoy shiny objects, flashing lights and colors that attend Washington Capitals games. Who knows why, but I’ve always been a sucker for this stuff. Images projected onto the ice and people or things on the ice can look really cool sometimes. I need to assemble a gallery of images I’ve taken and share that someday. Things like this (still my favorite) and this. Until then, I wanted to share in case anyone else might enjoy it. And be sure to see the Full Arena Holiday Opening Video version on the Capitals site that also includes a legible version of the scoreboard video.

Another Win By Three

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Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin (#8), Alexander Semin (#28) and Nicklas Backstrom (#19) celebrate Semin’s first of three goals against the Tampa Bay Lightning during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

In a game where the referees appeared to think the Tampa Bay Lightning could do no wrong, the Washington Capitals beat the Lightning last night 6-3 on the strength of another Alex Semin hat trick. The lopsided score hides just how close the game was until late. The Lightning took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission, the Capitals were ahead 2-1 at the second intermission and it was tied 3-3 for a little while in the third.  Semin looked hungry all night and he eventually feasted with three more goals to bring his total on the year to 12, trailing the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos, who also potted one, by 2 for the NHL lead.

Matt Bradley had an odd fight. He laid a clean hit and was jumped shortly after.  He won the fight and didn’t appear to bleed at all. Cool.

My recaps are pretty awful, aren’t they?  Read some good ones in the regular places like Russian Machine Never Breaks and Japer’s Rink.  While you’re here, look at my photos below or see them on flickr.

Rock the Red at Verizon Center

Image for Rock the Red at Verizon Center

To kick off the latest incarnation of, I thought I’d go with one of my favorite photos.  flickr says that it’s the most “interesting” image I have posted over there, so why not.  In a little over a year it’s been viewed 3,639 times and been favorited 32 times…both numbers still slowly increasing.

This photo was taken before the second game of the Washington Capitals- Pittsburgh Penguins playoff series in May 2009, which was the second series for the Capitals.  The arena had not been lit quite like this during their first series against the New York Rangers, and I was not expecting something so spectacular before game one against the Penguins, but there it was…and I had a super telephoto lens on the camera.  I brought a Sigma 10-20mm and a clear idea of the image I wanted to game two and hoped that 1) they were going to do it again and 2) the lighting would stay consistent enough while taking the 36 source images.  I got lucky on both counts.  I even got lucky in being able to wait out the Nikon D200’s buffer when I filled it up part way through in a way that doesn’t show up in the final image.

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