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How Fast Does a Red Rally Balloon Deflate?

Image for How Fast Does a Red Rally Balloon Deflate?

That fast.

The Washington Capitals went up 2-0 against the Carolina Hurricanes, gave up 2, then another in the third. They kept fighting hard and Brooks Laich got that third goal back. A few minutes later it was overtime. Just over three and a half minutes in, after a couple quality chances for the Capitals, after 49 total shots for the Capitals…the Hurricanes scored. And just like that, the air went out of the Red Rally Balloon. Remember that thing? Yeah, no one else does, either.

When Justin Faulk score that goal in overtime, Verizon Center just went just dead quiet. Not a stunned silence, just dead. Gone.

There’s not much else to say. It all speaks for itself. Still, there’s some good commentary at Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, Ed Frankovic and District Sports Page. Sick Unbelievable has a little bit about the future not looking all that bad if you need some cheering up. Once again, I think I got a few decent photos that you can see below or on flickr. I’d trade them for a win. Bah.

Orlov Nets A Winner

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For weeks I’ve been watching Washington Capitals rookie defenseman Dimitri Orlov come so close to scoring so many times. For some reason, it just felt like when he finally put on in, the emotion that would come out would be something to see. With his first NHL goal last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, he did not disappoint, as described by Elisabeth Meinecke at On Frozen Blog. These things make for my favorite photos.

Orlov’s goal turned out to be the game winner for the Capitals after an apparent goal by Brooks Laich in the second period was disallowed. I kind of liked the photos from that goal, too, despite being shooting through the netting…and the lack of focus that often comes from shooting through it. The other photographic high point for me was absolutely nailing Alex Ovechkin’s check nailing Tuomo Ruutu. Expect for the netting, that is. And the support cables holding the netting in place. Look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean.

So what else happened in the game? Read some good stuff from Ed Frankovic, Michael Hoffman, Kings of Leonsis, and Russian Machine to find out. They’re all much better at that recap with words stuff than I am. Looks at my photos below or on flickr. Thanks for stopping by!

New Shoes, New View, New Season

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It’s a new season, I have some new seats and some new shoes that are nearly in Capitals colors. So far I like them all. The new seats are great. The new shoes are just kinda silly fun. The new season is…I don’t know…kind of a bit like it was before. Bits from here (like the super cool Alex Semin goal that I didn’t get to see until later because of all the people standing up in front of me) and there (like the awful power play early) and the other place (the awe inspiring power play late and a return of Game Over Green). All’s well that ends well, though, right? And the Washington Capitals ended well enough with a win against the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime to start the 2011-12 season.

Also be sure to read the regular places for recaps like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, District Sports Page (formerly Caps News Network) and the all the others that aren’t listed here.  Also be sure to check out Capitals Outsider for a time lapse video view that’s close to the same as my more regular seats and where most of my photos come from.

I still have to get my photos under control.  Too many and too long to get them here. See them below or on flickr.

Blood and Guts Got the Glory in the Gimmick

Image for Blood and Guts Got the Glory in the Gimmick

When Japer’s Rink can’t even put together a recap, it’s telling of what kind of game the Washington Capitals played. Certainly not great, but perhaps not awful. Just…forgettable. (So forgettable that even Capitals Outsider didn’t do a boxscore!) It probably won’t be forgettable to the Carolina Hurricanes, though, who left their blood on the ice, showed plenty of guts and got the glory with a shootout win that keeps their playoff hopes alive for another day.

So, no Japer’s Rink, but Russian Machine had a little bonus (congrats, Chris! See the Backstrom photo below) and the new guy at the Times wrote another quality piece worth reading.  See my photos below (watch out for the Eric Staal photos if you don’t like blood) or on flickr.

Things Are Looking Up

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The Washington Capitals won for the seventh straight time by defeating the Carolina Hurricanes by a score of 2-1 off goals by Alex Ovechkin and Matt Hendricks.  Even with a return to a low scoring one goal game, things are definitely looking up. For me, I had what will probably be my last seat up close for the season. I took a lot of photos. Way too many. After you check some of them out below or on flickr, be sure to read more about the game if you haven’t already at places like Russian Machine Never Breaks, Japer’s Rink, and Brian McNally’s recap. And as always, enjoy the box score at Capitals Outsider.


Capitals Can’t Keep From Keeping it Interesting

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Washington Capitals mascot Slapshot points to the camera  between bangs on the drum in the upper bowl of Verizon Center during an NHL ice hockey game.

The Carolina Hurricanes tied the Washington Capitals at 2 with 3.0 seconds left in the third period and eventually forced a shootout. The Capitals won as Alex Ovechkin finally got the puck past Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward after Ward stopped 7 Ovechkin shots in regulation and overtime. Ovechkin still seems to be living in an alternate reality making up for his lack of goals with assists. It’s a weird world, but Caps fans can live with it as the Caps keep winning. I have nothing else to say tonight that wasn’t already said better at Japer’s Rink, The Peerless, Russian Machine and the all the other regulars.

I do have some photos (no, really, I do) that you can see here or on flickr. Occasionally, I’ll take a photo at the same time one of the pro photogs with strobes shoots which normally blows out my photo beyond hope.  Sometimes, though, my photo is salvageable or even turns out kind of cool.  Tonight, there were a few that I thought were kinda nice.  I also spent some time experimenting and I may have gotten away with it.  Hope you like the photos!

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