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From My 7 Year Old: Thanks DJ King!

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My seven year old daughter’s favorite Washington Capital is DJ King. I’m not sure why and neither is my wife, but that’s okay. We don’t care why. Before every game, she asks, “Is DJ King playing tonight?” In pre-game warm ups, she’ll sometimes spot him and start jumping up and down yelling, “I see DJ King! I see DJ King.” It’s just really cute.

Why does it matter? The Capitals annual season ticket holder party was at Six Flags America tonight. As she was waiting in line with me to get John Carlson’s autograph, King walked by to his autograph station (shared with Troy Brouwer). I pointed him out to my daughter and she just watched him walk by with that look that little kids get. I asked if she wanted his autograph…and she went off with my wife to get his autograph. It really made her day more than words can really say. I think it was a bigger deal to her than when Alex Ovechkin asked her “Do you feel pain?” when he signed her cast at the Caps Convention last year. It was cool. I’m happy for her and wanted to say thanks to DJ King on her behalf.

Stomping the Pedal on the Blackhawks

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A couple weeks ago the Washington Capitals were shut out against the New York Rangers in a game that brought my eight year old daughter to tears. Her experience touched me pretty deeply and prompted me to write a post in quite a bit more detail than I normally go into. It seemed that quite a few others were moved by her experience, too.

The Director of Game Entertainment for the Capitals, Michael Wurman, extended an invitation to her to sound the horn at the next game she attended with me. That game was yesterday’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks. During the first intermission, one of the Red Rockers came to our seats to escort my daughter to the control center for in game entertainment. My daughter’s eyes lit up and she smiled and off we went, also joined by my wife and our younger daughter. When we arrived, Mr. Wurman greeted us, gave us a run through of their command center, and showed my daughter how to operate the horn…to stomp on the pedal switch.

We waited out the rest of the intermission trying to stay out of the way with Daddy taking a few photos that were, um, less good than they could have been. With about a minute and thirty seconds remaining, the Capitals made their way from the room to the ice for the second period and my daughter put her foot down and the horn blared. In another lesson for my daughter, I think she found that it was a lot simpler than she may have thought it would be, but from the look on her face, it was just as exciting and as big of a deal for her as she had hoped.

It was an experience that I don’t think she will forget anytime soon. The gesture from the Capitals to allow her that experience is one that my family greatly appreciates. And as an extension of something I wrote in that earlier post, it must strengthen the bond she (and the rest of my family) feels with the Capitals organization. Once again, my sincere thanks to Mr. Wurman and the Capitals for inviting my daughter to do something a little different and make her feel a little more special.

For the game, she got to home even happier with the Capitals overtime victory. My sole comment on the game isn’t really about the game at all, but… The Caps haven’t lost since that game against the Rangers. We all know it’s not true, but it’s kind of fun for her to pretend it’s because they don’t want her to cry again. 🙂

Like always, I suggest you visit places like Japer’s Rink and Russian Machine Never Breaks, and Ed Frankovic’s blog for recaps and Capitals Outsider for the box score. You come here for the photos, and I’ve got some below or on flickr.


2011 Winter Classic Part 1

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The NHL’s 2011 Winter Classic was held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 1, 2011.  The Pittsburgh Penguins hosted the Washington Capitals in a rain delayed outdoor hockey game in a football stadium. Wow! It was incredible in every way.

I took too many photos to sort and select from.  The first bunch of 42 is here and they cover up through Evgeni Malkin’s goal that opened the scoring in the second period.  The good stuff (if you’re a Washington Capitals fan) should be posted tomorrow.

So much has been written already…but I haven’t read any of it yet so I don’t even know what where would be good to link. I have some suspicions, though.

You can look at the photos here or on flickr.  Once I have them all done, I will create a “best of” gallery that should be easier to get through. Thanks for your patience!

Shoot, it Went to a Shootout

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WASHINGTON, DC – November 3, 2010:  Washington Capitals goalie Michal Neuvirth (#30) follows the puck after making a save against the Toronto Maple Leafs during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

In an uneven performance against the skidding Toronto Maple Leafs, the Washington Capitals scraped out a shootout win Wednesday night. After a 3 goal outburst in the second period, the Capitals gave it all up and more in the third before Alex Semin scored a nifty powerplay goal to tie it all up at 4…and then he scored the shootout clincher after overtime.

Something I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere yet (I could have missed it) was how Tomas Fleischmann’s stick went flying into the crowd in the first period. During the TV time out that followed, linesman Brian Murphy assisted Fleischmann exchange another stick with the fan for the one that went flying.  Flash scored with that stick in the second period.  Maybe Fehr should take some notes?

It may also be worth noting that Colton Orr looked like he was having too much fun during his prolonged fight with DJ King.  Or maybe he just likes fighting so much he can’t help but smile?

You don’t want to read about the game here. Many others like Russian Machine Never Breaks, Japer’s Rink, On Frozen Blog and all the usual suspects have already done it…and probably done a better job than I could do right now.As long as you’re here, and probably the only reason you’re here, is to look at the pretty pictures.  See them below or on flickr.

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