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Bowled Over

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It had been over eight months since Verizon Center hosted NHL hockey. Finally, last night, the Washington Capitals played the visiting Winnipeg Jets. A sellout crowd of fans showed up, were wanded upon entry, used their trick(y) new Season Ticket Holder cards and hoped the little machines would spit out the seat locator tabs they were promised to do. I guess they worked okay for most people. Since the scanner went into a reboot loop when they tried scanning my card, I would say that was I was not one of those people. Those that were backed up in line behind me because of it would probably agree.

If the Capitals had shown up and put on a great show, it would have all been worth it (except the security theater part…best to just let TSA keep thinking they have that market cornered). But, they did not. They pretty much got bowled over.

On the other hand, what is pretty great news is that I’ve joined the Japers’ Rink team and will be sharing most of my hockey photos over there in “Clyde’s Shots.” It should be more fun to view them over there than it’s been here.

I’ll continue posting an image or two here from each game and the full sets on flickr as well, but my attention to is going to shift to help me better showcase the rest of my photography.

I hope you’ll keep following me on that journey.

So, please jump on over to to see Capitals-Jets: The Night in Pictures or take a look on flickr.

Even The Ones That Got Behind Him Didn’t Go In

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The Minnesota Wild and Washington Capitals played a pretty high energy game last night at Verizon Center. Perhaps what was most surprising was that there were no fights. The hitting was hard and tempers were definitely flaring, but no one threw down. For a short time I really thought I we might see Roman Hamrlik get into a rare fight by throw down with Setphane Veilleux after Veilleux used some nasty stick express his outrage over Hamrlik flipping him to the ice. But it was not to be.

What was to be was Braden Holtby pitching a shutout, supported with goals by Jason Chimera, Mathieu Perreault, and Alex Ovechkin (who is hungry for more, although I always seem to miss or mangle the focus on the “feed me” gesture). Without Holtby heroics in the first period, he may have just been holding on late. Getting out of the first period 0-0 was the best thing that happened to the Capitals all night, and they have Holtby to thank for that.

For reading, go where the words are like Russian Machine, Ed Frankovic, Japer’s Rink, District Sports Page, and On Frozen Blog. You can see my photos below or on flickr.

The Smiles Showed Through

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It was brutal, it was punchy, it was smily, it was like old times. But, was it really like old times, or was it more like new times where the Washington Capitals show their fans glimpses of the good old days of late last decade before falling back into all the bad habits again? I don’t know, but I’m sure you can guess which one I’d like to think it is.

What I do know is that I didn’t a single half decent photo of the Jason Chimera’s fight with Mike Weber and the photos I got of Troy Brouwer’s fight with Christian Ehrhoff were not the greatest either.

I also know I got some nice photos of the Caps showing something they haven’t been showing much of in Verizon Center for a long time…joy. From Alex Ovechkin’s nearly classic post goal posing with huge smiles to Troy Brouwer skating back to the bench with an ear to ear grin after his fight, the Capitals looked like they were having fun on the ice last night against the Buffalo Sabres. It was good to see. It’s always more fun taking photos of that kind of stuff.

Bet you can guess what I’m gong to say next…yup. For more details on the game instead of mindless babble, read the write ups at Russian Machine, Ed Frankovic, Japer’s Rink and District Sports Page. Look at my photos below or on flickr.

Win and The Fans Want a Bigger Cup For Beer

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The Washington Capitals made it interesting. Again.  They gave up a third period lead to the Columbus Blue Jackets and went to overtime. Jason Chimera capped his return for a healthy trip to the press box for the last game adding the overtime game winning goal to an assist earlier in the game. Like the fans’ sign in the front row says, get us a bigger cup for more beer, boys. Sadly, Lego Man did not make an appearance.

Same stuff as always…go somewhere else to read about the game.  Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks, and Ed Frankovic’s blog are always good [update: and On Frozen Blog has their take up now, too].  Look at my photos below or on flickr. That’s why you’re here.

One of my photos is kind of interesting (to me at least). A few times at every game, I’ll take a shot during the flash in time that one of the real photogs with strobes takes a photo. Normally, my photo gets blown out so bad that I skip over it. Every now and then, though, it sort of saveable.  Even more rare, it’s in focus, doesn’t have much camera shake and winds up looking kind of cool.  There was one of those last night when Ovechkin was taken to the ice as he drove on Steve Mason’s net.  You can see it in the gallery.

Ovechkin Scores And…Um…Still Thinking…

Image for Ovechkin Scores And…Um…Still Thinking…

Alex Ovechkin celebrates his second period goal against the Atlanta Thrashers, his first in 10 games during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

The good news at Verizon Center for the Washington Capitals was that Alex Ovechkin found his way back onto the score sheet in the “G” column against the visiting Atlanta Thrashers.  The sellout crowd was happy, do you think he was?

After that, the good news was…um…ah…yeah.  The game got off to a very quick start without a stop in play until the 8:50 mark of the first period and then settled into what felt like a mid season grind of a game. There were some interesting player-player stories unfolding, like the one between the Thrashers Alexander Burmistov and the Capitals Jason Chimera where Burmistov kept putting his stick in Chimera’s face but was only called for it once…not that the Capitals could capitalize on it as their power play shot blanks all five chances it got.

For the details, read it from those that can write it like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks and On Frozen Blog.  You’re only here to see the photos anyway. They’re below and on flickr.  Thanks!

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