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Bobbleheads and a New Camera

Image for Bobbleheads and a New Camera

In a sick, fateful twist of timing (really, is there any other?), my fancy new camera arrived from a New York camera shop just a few days after the Washington Capitals 2011-12 season came to an end last week. After taking the initial mandatory cat photos I was looking around the family room for something to shoot using some fancy new features and I saw the bobblehead set on top of a bookcase. Since I won’t be taking any Capitals photos with this camera for a while, I figured, “Why not?” I think my wife laughed at me a little, but that’s okay. I think the result was worth it.

The bobbleheads pictured (Nicklas Backstrom, Brooks Laich, John Carlson, Mike Green, and Alex Ovechkin) are part of the gift the Washington Capitals gave their season ticket holders for the 2011-12 NHL season. Tomas Vokoun was also included in the set and would normally be standing to Backstrom’s right, but I left him out for two reasons. The photo didn’t look quite right with him there (I tried) and Vokoun is almost certainly not going to be back next year so the photo might have a longer shelf life without him. For more about the bobbleheads, watch the Capitals unboxing video.

Hearing About Yelling

Image for Hearing About Yelling

Way back when in ought-eight, ought-nine, when the Washington Capitals trailed by a couple goals, there was never any worry about whether they’d come back, only about who was going to be credited with the goal…and who are we kidding? It was almost always Alex Ovechkin unless it was overtime, in which case it would be Mike “Game Over” Green. It always worked out. Until April or May, at least. This season, though, and much of last season, holding a two goal lead is stressful as the wonder is focused on if they’re going to hold it, blow it, and how close it will be.

Last night was more of the latter, but a little of the former. The Capitals had to win in this game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They had the lead, they fell behind and Ovechkin won it in overtime. Of course, this was in a game against a goalie making his first NHL career start and suffering from what sounds like a pretty nasty case of dehydration. He was visibly off late in the third period and overtime, most noticeably during stops in play where it looked like he was holding onto the goal for support to keep standing. But whatever it takes, a win is a win. Unfortunately, it may be game over for green for a little while after the hit he laid on Brett Connolly, but that’s beside the point.

The theme of the night seems to have been yelling. Coach Dale Hunter yelled at the Capitals in the second intermission. Green was yelling from the bench, Dennis Wideman was yelling when shooting, and Ovi was yelling after he scored. And when was the last time we saw him jump into the glass like that after scoring? Personally, I’ve missed seeing that.

You know where to go to really read about the game, and it ain’t here. It’s over at places like Ed Frankovic, On Frozen Blog, Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, District Sports Page and such. I have some photos below and on flickr.


Image for Yeah!

The Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings came into last night’s game as the last two remaining undefeated teams of the young 2011-12 NHL season. As they often have in past regular season games, they rose to the challenge on the scoreboard if not complete play on the ice. Although defenseman Mike Green was named the first star of the game for his four points and puck to the face, it was goalie Tomas Vokoun that made it look easy, stopping 32 of 33 shots. When a team scores on 28% of its shots, a goalie doesn’t have to be spectacular, but Vokoun certainly was.

Oh no, you don’t want to read about the game here, you want to go to the regular places like On Frozen Blog, Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, District Sports Page and so on. You come here to look at pictures and I have some here and on flickr.

New Shoes, New View, New Season

Image for New Shoes, New View, New Season

It’s a new season, I have some new seats and some new shoes that are nearly in Capitals colors. So far I like them all. The new seats are great. The new shoes are just kinda silly fun. The new season is…I don’t know…kind of a bit like it was before. Bits from here (like the super cool Alex Semin goal that I didn’t get to see until later because of all the people standing up in front of me) and there (like the awful power play early) and the other place (the awe inspiring power play late and a return of Game Over Green). All’s well that ends well, though, right? And the Washington Capitals ended well enough with a win against the Carolina Hurricanes in overtime to start the 2011-12 season.

Also be sure to read the regular places for recaps like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, District Sports Page (formerly Caps News Network) and the all the others that aren’t listed here.  Also be sure to check out Capitals Outsider for a time lapse video view that’s close to the same as my more regular seats and where most of my photos come from.

I still have to get my photos under control.  Too many and too long to get them here. See them below or on flickr.

Capitals Work and Win

Image for Capitals Work and Win

The Washington Capitals gave the city of Pittsburgh their first disappointment on Super Bowl Sunday by defeating the Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin-less Penguins 3-0. Despite the victory, there were several scares for the Capitals. In the first period, defenseman Mike Green took a puck to the side of the head and late in the third period, former Capital Matt Cooke took a cheap shot at Alex Ovechkin with a knee on knee hit.

As usual, others like Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, and On Frozen Blog, have much better write ups because they’re good with those word things…and don’t forget to check out Capitals Outsider box score. Look at my photos below or on flickr.

Mike Green Is All Smiles

Image for Mike Green Is All Smiles

The Washington Capitals turned in another complete 60 minute effort last night and beat the Montreal Canadiens 3-0. It may have been more helpful for a game like this about eight months ago, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their recovery from the recent eight game winless streak as they climb to 4-0-1 in the five games since they got that monkey off their back.  Mike Green was all smiles after scoring in the first period and Alex Ovechkin didn’t look exactly thrilled to score his empty netter late in the third, but like a win is a win, a goal is a goal, and seeing Ovechkin on the scoresheet is nice, indeed.

You know the drill…read about the game from people that know how to write about games like Russian Machine Never Breaks, On Frozen Blog, and Japer’s Rink and just look at the pretty pictures while you’re here or see them on flickr.

A Win is a Win, Right?

Image for A Win is a Win, Right?

Washington Capitals defenseman John Erskine (#4) and Atlanta Thrashers forward Eric Boulton fight in the second period of their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

There’s a saying in some sports that sounds something like “a win is a win is a win.” It means that no matter how ugly it was, how wrong it was, how undeserved it was, if you win, you win…and you take it and be happy with it.  When the first period of the Washington Capitals and Atlanta Thrashers game ended last night, it did not feel like it was going to be one of those games.  The Capitals were pretty dominant and took a 3-1 lead into the locker room.  By the end of the second period, all those memories of games and failures past were rearing their head and the “a win is a win” saying was going to apply to whichever of the two teams, now tied at 4, won, because both teams suffered many breakdowns, lapses and otherwise poor decisions and actions that led to shorthanded goals against or quality chances for the other team.

If there is one man that the Capitals will have to thank for these extra 2 points at the end of the season if they need them, it will be John Erskine…the man that brought a whole lot of right (and rights to the head of the Thrashers Eric Boulton) and seemingly no wrong (and, yes, Alex Ovechkin, I’m looking at you). In addition to a fight that only could have brought a boost to the Capitals, he scored the game winning goal, was on the ice for one other Capitals goal and not on the ice for a single goal against. He had a takeaway to go along with his single giveaway.  Erskine was tops.

Everyone raise their hand who thought that John Erskine would have as many goals as Mike Green had fighting majors after 18 games. Okay, how many thought the number would be something other than 0? Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Maybe it’s just the Movember ‘stache, or maybe the Capitals are continuing last year’s team progression and becoming even more well rounded.  let’s hope so.

Real recaps at the regular places like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks, and at Capitals Insider and I have some photos below and on flickr.

Semin Was the Story

Image for Semin Was the Story

WASHINGTON, DC – October 23, 2010:  Washington Capitals forward Alexander Semin (#28) celebrates scoring his third goal of the night with Brooks Laich (#21) against the Atlanta Thrashers during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

Number one NBA draft pick John Wall was a guest in Ted Leonsis’ box last night to watch Alex Semin score three and notch his first hat trick of the 2010-11 season last night against the Atlanta Thrashers.  In a game that was in doubt until Tomas Fleischmann scored the game winner in overtime, Alex Semin was the star of the show with three goals, two coming off assists from AHL call up Matthieu Perrault.  Mike Knuble put on another penalty killing clinic in the third period, at one point tying up all five Thrashers skaters deep in their own end during a Thrashers power play.  The Capitals power play looked better, but kept sputtering despite the partial return of Mike Green.  Alex Ovechkin was very quiet playing in his third consecutive game without any points…the first time he has done that since 2008, but he did throw a nice check that sent Thrashers’ forward Andrew Ladd head over heels into the Thrashers bench.

Read recaps at Japer’s Rink, The Peerless, Russian Machine Never Breaks and all the other regular Capitals blogs. Some of my photos can be seen here or on flickr.

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