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Caps Get That Predatory Feeling

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The Washington Capitals celebrated Mike Knuble’s 1,000th NHL game in style by lighting up the Nashville Predators by a score of 4-1 including goals by each of the three Young Guns playing in the game. The goals mostly came the old fashioned way…well old fashioned in the 2009 sense of pure offensive prowess. The difference being that it was matched with sound defensive play and solid goaltending. The lone Predators goal coming off one of the few Capitals mistakes. The sole sore spot, if there was one, was that it with it being Knuble’s 1,000th game, it would have been nice to seem him get a little more than the 10 minutes, seven seconds of ice time he got. On the other hand, Alex Ovechkin barely broke 15 minutes.

Read more insightful stuff about the game at all the regular places like Japer’s Rink, Ed Frankovic, Russian Machine, District Sports Page and such

My photos are below and on flickr.


Mike Knuble’s 1,000 NHL Game

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Washington Capitals forward Mike Knuble played in his 1,000th NHL game last night. Both the Capitals and some of his most dedicated fans celebrated the milestone before the Capitals game against the Nashville Predators.  These are some of my photos (and they’re also on flickr).

Russian Machine compiled some more photos from other people, as does District Sports Page and On Frozen Blog has something nice, too. Quite a bit was written in the past few days about this…way too much to list here.

Chest Bump For the Win

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With DJ King in the Washington Capitals’ lineup last night against the Ottawa Senators, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled my seven year old daughter was. 🙂 It was cool having her tell me every time he took the ice for his 6 minutes 58 seconds of ice time. Maybe he can get some more time next time. After all, he was credited with as many shots as Dennis Wideman, Jeff Halpern, Brooks Laich, Mike Knuble, Karl Alzner, and Roman Hamrlik combined and they had a total ice time of 104 minutes 28 seconds. Just sayin’.

It wasn’t the best game the Capitals have ever played, but it was far from the worst since Verizon Center became the place to Rock the Red. Any connection to the not very fancy stats above? I don’t know. Other people may have some opinions on that. People and blogs like The Peerless Prognosticator, Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, Ed Frankovic, and DC Sports Page. I just take pictures and make odd observations… Like, did anyone else notice the chest bump Alex Ovechkin and Tomas Vokoun shared after the game ended? Is this what replaces the shoulder bump Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom used to do but haven’t done yet this season? Has anyone else noticed this stuff? Anyway, I hope you enjoy my photos below or on flickr. I can’t wait for the new camera (by Thanksgiving, I hope).

Ovechkin Takes Down Subban, Habs Take Down Caps. Again.

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The Washington Capitals lost in another shootout. Go figure.  It started well, with two first period goals for the Capitals and none from the Montreal Canadiens.  But the Habs flipped that around in the second period.  Same story as we keep seeing.  In fact, after Mike Knuble scored his power play goal in the first…yes, a power play goal…the only real high point was early in the third period when Alexander Ovechkin upended rookie P.K. Subban at center ice. It was a thing of beauty and I actually got a photo that’s not totally blurry.  Subban even took a stupid rookie retaliatory penalty moments later when he couldn’t leave Ovechkin alone.

Then, just a few seconds into that power play, Brooks Laich was hauled down by Roman Hamrlik and inadvertently got his stick in front of Lars Eller. Laich was called for hooking…and you know the rest. Thus, Dino Night was ruined. If you don’t read up at Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, or the others.

Last night was “Turn Back the Clock Night” in appreciation of former Capital Dino Ciccarelli and the Capitals wore their Winter Classic uniforms, which were modeled on the old time Capitals uniforms of the 1970s and 1980s.  I’ll have some photos from warm ups tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out Caps Snaps, On Frozen Blog and @ikeastan on flickr up close photos.

My game photos are below and on flickr.  Enjoy!

Slide Continues, Spreads to Fans

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The Washington Capitals continued their slide last night, getting shut out at home to the Florida Panthers 3-0.  You’ve all heard the story before.  The Capitals dominated the first and almost all of the second period, gave up a goal late in the second, and just couldn’t get anything going in the third and gave up a couple more.  We didn’t like this movie when we saw it before and we don’t like it now.

There was one thing that I really liked seeing, though.  Mike Knuble put on another display as a one man penalty killing machine tying up the puck and all five Panthers skaters (well, almost) in their own end for a bit.  It was something to watch against the Thrashers in October and something to watch last night.

Personally, things only got worse from there. Sometime in the second period, I remember fiddling with my wedding ring as I’ve been doing since I first put it on just over nine years ago.  Later, as my Red Line train was pulling up to Fort Totten, I realized that it wasn’t on my finger any more.  As the subway cleared out on the rest of the ride, I checked all around, but it didn’t turn up, so I’m pretty sure it fell off somewhere between Section 420 of Verizon Center and Gallery Place Metro. I walked down the stairwell behind 420/421, through the alley between VC and Clyde’s and up 7th ST to the Metro entrance at 7th and G.  It looks like this.

It’s kind of funny as my wife and I both knew that I would lose it someday, but I always figured it would be when I was fiddling with while my arm was hanging out a car window, leaning over a balcony railing, over the side of a boat or something like that…and that I would do it in front of her.  Whoops.

We’ll be calling Verizon and our guest services rep, but if anyone happened to find it, please give me a shout.  Thanks!

Like always, my recap doesn’t do much for someone that wants to know what really happened at the game, so check the regulars like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks, Ed Frankovic and such after looking at some of my photos or on flickr.

Semin Was the Story

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WASHINGTON, DC – October 23, 2010:  Washington Capitals forward Alexander Semin (#28) celebrates scoring his third goal of the night with Brooks Laich (#21) against the Atlanta Thrashers during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

Number one NBA draft pick John Wall was a guest in Ted Leonsis’ box last night to watch Alex Semin score three and notch his first hat trick of the 2010-11 season last night against the Atlanta Thrashers.  In a game that was in doubt until Tomas Fleischmann scored the game winner in overtime, Alex Semin was the star of the show with three goals, two coming off assists from AHL call up Matthieu Perrault.  Mike Knuble put on another penalty killing clinic in the third period, at one point tying up all five Thrashers skaters deep in their own end during a Thrashers power play.  The Capitals power play looked better, but kept sputtering despite the partial return of Mike Green.  Alex Ovechkin was very quiet playing in his third consecutive game without any points…the first time he has done that since 2008, but he did throw a nice check that sent Thrashers’ forward Andrew Ladd head over heels into the Thrashers bench.

Read recaps at Japer’s Rink, The Peerless, Russian Machine Never Breaks and all the other regular Capitals blogs. Some of my photos can be seen here or on flickr.

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