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Mike Knuble’s 1,000 NHL Game

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Washington Capitals forward Mike Knuble played in his 1,000th NHL game last night. Both the Capitals and some of his most dedicated fans celebrated the milestone before the Capitals game against the Nashville Predators.  These are some of my photos (and they’re also on flickr).

Russian Machine compiled some more photos from other people, as does District Sports Page and On Frozen Blog has something nice, too. Quite a bit was written in the past few days about this…way too much to list here.

A Surprise For Me At the Caps Game

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The Pittsburgh Penguins came to town for a game with the Washington Capitals. Since I was the only one in my family that could go, I got the bright idea to sell all my tickets and buy a reasonably priced second row seat on StubHub. The ticket I bought is not one I would buy again. Not even sure I’d sit there for free if offered. A great view of the front of the net where the Capitals shoot twice…when someone in the first row is kind enough to not be sitting in his or her seat. I suppose if the person had an invisible head, that would work, too. This isn’t just a taking photos thing, it’s a regular CSS thing.

Whether anyone is in front or not, the view down the other end is pretty nonexistent because of the distortions looking through plexiglass at an angle. I’ve sat in the first few rows in a few places around Verizon Center and they’ve all been better than this one particular seat.

So, I think some things happened down at that end. Like all three goals were scored down there. Some pretty great hits. And John Erskine put a pretty good beat down on Aaron Asham down that way, too.  Wish i had seen them.

To top it all off, my friends up in the seats I’ve had for a while were texting me about the wonder Penguins fans that bought my tickets there. Maybe I got what I deserve. :shrug:

I did get a few decent photos, I think. Ones worth sharing, anyway. Hopefully, no one steals them, prints them and sells them. That would make them different from this photo of Eric Fehr I took at the Winter Classic.

See, a print of that photo, which was signed by Fehr, was up for auction at the Home Game Auction stand outside section 108/109 at last night’s game. No one has ever sought sought and no one has ever received permission to use that photograph for any type of commercial purpose.

The guy manning the table told me it was okay because it had the NHL license sticker on it and if I had a problem to take a card and call their office in Texas.

I take photos at the games because it’s like an OCD thing. I can’t not do it. I don’t exactly have a use for them after I take them, so I share them here or other places like flickr so people that like looking at them can look at them or reshare them. So that people that like writing about the Capitals can include them in their blogs. I don’t share them so that businesses or people can take them and use them to put money in their pockets. In fact, I specifically say that while my photos are free to share, they may not be used for commercial purposes (read: put money in your pocket).

Home Game Auction was selling a print of one of my photos at the Capitals-Penguins game at Verizon Center last night without my permission to use it. It was in Item # 14300-3V10021A-V025-5G3 (or something very similar to that, see the photo below). I could offer all kinds of speculation as to how that came to be, but I won’t. I could go off on an internet rant, but that’s not what I want to do, either (and I hope this doesn’t come across that way).

I’m just incredibly disappointed. And feel betrayed.

People ask me pretty frequently if they can buy prints or high resolution copies of my photos. I tell them that they can’t buy them because I can’t sell them. Among other things, the logos are the property of the teams and the league and I can’t sell images of them without their permission. That’s cool. I get that and I’m fine with it, so I don’t.

Internet 101 is probably something like “If you put something on the internet, someone is going to take it and make money off it.” I’m not okay with that, but I know that’s the way the world is. It would be one thing to find a print of a photo I took of Eric Fehr with a fake signature on eBay. It’s quite another to find it for sale (or up for auction) in Verizon Center at a Capitals game. Complete with a hologram sticker from the league that is supposed to ensure that it is a properly licensed item from the NHL, which it was not.

Like I said, I do have photos to share below and on flickr. Feel free to use them and share them, but please don’t steal them. If you don’t understand what that means, ask. It’s really simple.  Thanks!  If you want to read about the game, check the usual suspects like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, On Frozen Blog (although they only have something about the fight up now), District Sports Page and the rest that I’m to tired to type now.

Milestone Night at Verizon Center

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The Washington Capitals game against the Buffalo Sabres was another thriller that ended with an overtime victory, this time off the stick of Alex Ovechkin. It was a milestone night in several ways. Jason Arnott scored his 400th goal in the NHL, it was the 100th consecutive sellout at Verizon Center for the Capitals, and it was the 1,757th and final game in referee Bill McCreary’s NHL career.  It also saw a Capitals defensive pairing of Sean Collins and Tyler Sloan…who managed to be nowhere near the ice for the combined nine goals.

It was also fan appreciation night and the Capitals gave their jerseys to fans. I’ll have some photos from that up later today [update: a bunch of them turned into video].

Read about it at the places that know how to write about games like Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, and Ed Frankovic. Look at my photos here or on flickr (and check out @ikeastan‘s pics, too!)

Bill McCreary

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Last year, I had the sudden opportunity to grab a couple photos of NHL referee Bill McCreary under Verizon Center. My daughter was strapped in and about to go for a ride on the Olympia (“Olympia” just doesn’t have the same ring as Zamboni) during the first intermission of the game between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals. I heard someone yelling, turned around and McCreary was describing ice conditions and relaying player complaints to the Olympia operator and spoke briefly with Comcast Sport Net personality Alan May.

no images were found

I thought, “Hey! That’s Bill McCreary!” and then thought, “I have a camera.” Only two photos and they’re not really good, but I have them.  Thought I’d post them in honor of McCreary refereeing his final NHL regular season game tonight which will also be at Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

Capitals Work and Win

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The Washington Capitals gave the city of Pittsburgh their first disappointment on Super Bowl Sunday by defeating the Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin-less Penguins 3-0. Despite the victory, there were several scares for the Capitals. In the first period, defenseman Mike Green took a puck to the side of the head and late in the third period, former Capital Matt Cooke took a cheap shot at Alex Ovechkin with a knee on knee hit.

As usual, others like Russian Machine, Japer’s Rink, and On Frozen Blog, have much better write ups because they’re good with those word things…and don’t forget to check out Capitals Outsider box score. Look at my photos below or on flickr.

Classic – Pics Are Coming…

Image for Classic – Pics Are Coming…

I took a lot of photos in Pittsburgh this Winter Classic weekend in Pittsburgh. Churning through them now and they’ll be posted when they’re posted…hopefully a decent sized batch late tonight, probably another tomorrow night, and an odd image here and there over the next few weeks.

Just totally blown away and still recovering from everything.  What an amazing experience at every level!

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