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Remember When the Red Was Rocked?

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Remember rocking the red?  Remember when Alex Ovechkin looked like a caveman?  Remember when the Capitals used to win…like all the time?

Last night the Washington Capitals turned in one of their few complete 60 minute efforts (64 minutes, in fact), they had a lead for a good part of the game, and still couldn’t finish to break their (now) seven game losing streak.  An overtime point or not, if you don’t win, you lose.  It’s depressing and disheartening to watch, but there’s no way left to get through it other than by winning.  And they will. Soon, I hope.

I don’t have much to say.  Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine, and The Peerless have plenty.  I have photos; see them below or on flickr.

Capitals Take Senators in Overtime

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WASHINGTON, DC – October 11, 2010: Washington Capitals defensemen John Carlson (#74) and John Erskine (#4) check Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno (#71) during their NHL ice hockey game at Verizon Center.

The Washington Capitals beat the Ottawa Senators in last night 3-2 on an Alex Ovechkin goal with 32 seconds remaining in overtime.  The game was pretty lackluster, but it’s nice to see Eric Fehr driving to the net on almost every shift.  You can read the regular game recaps at Japer’s Rink, Russian Machine Never Breaks, On Frozen Blog and all the others, so I won’t bore you with that stuff here.  Just my photos to look at, either here or on flickr.

FACE-OFF 2010-11, Rock the Red

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(It looks better if you click it.  It really does!)

WASHINGTON, DC – October 9, 2010: The 2010-11 Washington Capitals take their home ice at Verizon Center in Washington, DC before the opening faceoff of their home opener against the New Jersey Devils.

Verizon Center was supposed to be rocking the red with a new precision lighting system at the Washington Capitals home opener, but it really didn’t look any different than last year.  A new version of the “Rock the Red” seal was added, but, uh, yeah, well…meh.  There was a bubbly look on the ice at one point.  Or maybe they were reptile scales.  I’m not sure.  It would have been a letdown if I had been sitting/standing there with a camera waiting for something to happen, I guess.

80mm isn’t quite wide enough to see from sideboard to sideboard up in my nosebleed seats, so Michal Neuvirth and Dany Sabourin get left off to the sides, but the rest of the home opener lineup is in here.  More photos from the game on flickr.

Rock the Red at Verizon Center

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To kick off the latest incarnation of, I thought I’d go with one of my favorite photos.  flickr says that it’s the most “interesting” image I have posted over there, so why not.  In a little over a year it’s been viewed 3,639 times and been favorited 32 times…both numbers still slowly increasing.

This photo was taken before the second game of the Washington Capitals- Pittsburgh Penguins playoff series in May 2009, which was the second series for the Capitals.  The arena had not been lit quite like this during their first series against the New York Rangers, and I was not expecting something so spectacular before game one against the Penguins, but there it was…and I had a super telephoto lens on the camera.  I brought a Sigma 10-20mm and a clear idea of the image I wanted to game two and hoped that 1) they were going to do it again and 2) the lighting would stay consistent enough while taking the 36 source images.  I got lucky on both counts.  I even got lucky in being able to wait out the Nikon D200’s buffer when I filled it up part way through in a way that doesn’t show up in the final image.

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